CIF complies in breeding more dairy goats locally and the will to lessen the importation through the use of modern tools and technologies. The farm advocacy is to support Filipino farmers to produce a good crop and healthy animals enough to feed the community.



About THE Farm

The farm is located in Sta. Maria Pangasinan. Inspired by Farmcradle owner Ms. Sandy Santos, Calaranan Integrated Farm was established by couple Jojo Calaranan and Maria Victoria (Vicky) Calaranan in 2018.  

Our Mission

To embrace the advocacy of Mr. Dexter Villamin, the founder of DV Boer Farms – to provide complete profitable services to farmers, get communities involved in the process and access ready available resources. To help the farmers  in nurturing our natural resources – agriculture, and give them healthier, better living.

Our Vision

To be one of the best producer of quality and affordable dairy goats and other livestock in the Philippines.

Pa-iwi Program

Pa-iwi duration: 36 months
Package cost: Php 160,000.00
No. Of heads: 15 heads upgraded goats

Payment Terms:
First Payment: Php 160,000.00 (upon signing of contract)

1st Payout: Php 22,500.00 (After 12 Months)
2nd Payout: Php 45,000.00 (After 20 Months)
3rd Payout: Php 45,000.00 (After 28 Months)
4th Payout: Php 45,000.00 (After 36 Months)
Salvage Value: Php 75,000.00 (After 38th Month – end of the contract)

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How does the PAIWI Program works?
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How do I get paid?
What if my goats died or get lost?
What if I want to renew the package after the contract?
Can I see my goats firsthand?
Can a paiwi partner avail more than one paiwi package?
How is the Dairy Paiwi Program different from the traditional paiwi system or backyard livestock?
How can I be a paiwi partner?

Smart: 09216801729, Globe: 09451723752 / 09176398885